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  • X-MEN 2 Dir. Bryan Singer Tree / flood sequence miniatures
  • Terminator 2 Dir. James Cameron City miniatures for Judgement Day - nightmare scene
  • Dracula Dir. Francis Coppola Ship miniature and gorge miniature
  • From Beyond Dir. Stuart Gordon Design + construction of Resonator prop
  • Ed Wood Dir. Tim Burton Miniature of 50‚s Hollywood (for opening credits)
  • Dante's Peak Dir. Roger Donaldson Miniature buildings, cars, etc. for blow up and post volcanic scenes Pit and the Dir. Stuart Gordon 2nd unit Art Director Pendulum
  • Heart and Souls Dir. Ron Underwood Greenhouse Miniature (final shot)
  • Trancers II Dir. Charles Band Design + construction of Time
    Machine prop
  • The Arrival FX Dir. Bob Skotak Miniature of underground
    „Transformation Chamber
  • Candyman 2 Dir. Clive Barker Miniature of Slave Barn and trees for flood scene
  • Hard Rain FX Dir. Bob Skotak Town Miniature (opening
  • The Kindred Dir. Jeff Obrow Creature Design


  • Man is Disease Dr. Sal Rinella Special Make up effects + Masks Video
  • Ani DiFranco Dir. Scott Nordlund Miniature Art Dir. / Dir. of Photography Video song: „Little Plastic Castle
  • Weird Al Show Dir. Scott Nordlund Opening Credits - Miniatures
  • Rockin, Rocket Sesame Street Short Claymation Art Director/ Miniatures
  • Miller Beer Dir. Ridley Scott Race track and moving Tornado Miniature - Commercial


  • The Magic Flute Designer Gerald Scarfe Costume painter - Music Center Opera
  • Dracula Tyrannus Globe Playhouse Production Designer -(L.A.
    Weekly Award Winner)


  • Clay and Foam Sculpting,
  • Make Up Effects,
  • Prop Fabrication,
  • Mold Making,
  • Model Building,
  • Break-aways,
  • Scenic Painting,
  • Pre-Production Art,
  • Creature Design
  • Creature Fabrication
Special Effects Voice Overs & Animation Stage & Screen

For Booking information please contact via email at

or by phone at
(212) 472-4546